Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the ElmTree System the premier engineering lab management system?

ElmTree was designed specifically for Geotechnical & Construction Materials Testing Labs. Dispatching, field input, reporting, and invoicing are all in one integrated system. ElmTree produces fast and accurate test reports on both standardized and customized formats.

Who uses the ElmTree System?

Dispatchers, technicians, administrative personnel, project managers, accountants, and engineers all use the ElmTree System; it enables your whole team to work smarter.

How does the ElmTree System Work?

ElmTree System is a SaaS system that operates over your internet connections to cloud servers. Users may access ElmTree from any computer with high speed internet connection.

How do I know the ElmTree System meets our laboratory’s standards?

ElmTree System complies with standards such as ASTM and AASHTO and has been reviewed by several accreditation agencies. Reports can be customized to meet your individual requirements.

How do I find out how the ElmTree System can help my company improve the way it does business?

Our team will schedule an online demonstration for you. Let us know the challenges your company faces; we can guarantee ElmTree System will have a solution. Click here to schedule a demo.

What does it cost to use the ElmTree System?

We doubt you’ll find another system so comprehensive and so reasonable. ElmTree has the flexibility to work with companies of all sizes, and pricing is based off of the number of concurrent licenses your company needs. Pricing varies due to this flexibility, so Contact Us for more information.