ElmTree System is the complete Business Management System for Construction Materials Engineering and Testing (CMET) and Geotechnical Engineering Firms. ElmTree System will help you manage your business with ONE system that will provide all the Solutions. For over 20 years, ElmTree System has been serving our clients a one-system solution to manage their businesses. All the steps in your workflow are completely integrated from proposal to your final invoice.

Easy To Use

Automate and standardize the entire business process. Reporting, invoicing, tracking, and management are all available anywhere online in one integrated system.

Customized For You

Design and features specifically for construction materials testing labs. Let us know the challenges your company faces; we can guarantee ElmTree System will have a solution.

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Construction Materials Testing Software

Please your clients and grow your business with ElmTree’s construction materials testing software.

ElmTree System is the construction materials testing software  for your CMT business. Crafted over 10 years by a team of geotechnical engineers, CMT project managers, and former CMT lab owners, ElmTree is the most comprehensive construction materials testing software and laboratory management solution available. From project proposal to dispatch to reporting and billing, ElmTree centrally manages your entire project lifecycle. ElmTree will save your business money (10-12% on non-billable expenses), dramatically reduce errors, and make your clients happy with our automated reporting and billing tools (client referrals available upon request).

  • Project Setup and Management – Easy setup of clients and projects with automated conversion from proposal to project budget. Quick access to project status, budgeting, and reporting. Setup a variety of custom notifications including percentage of budget.
  • Dispatch and Scheduling – Quickly assign field work to technicians while also ensuring they have the sufficient qualifications/certifications. Validate you are not exceeding the scope of your contracts.
  • Field Data Collection – Our new mobile app (iOS/Android) was built specifically for your field technicians. A dashboard clearly shows the jobs for the day and provides detailed interfaces for real time – on the job – data collection, time tracking, and verification of sample transfer.
  • Laboratory Management – Enter lab results directly into ElmTree with our ASTM and AASHTO compliant lab tools. Our system includes an automated break sheet, deficiency reporting, and lab testing worksheets. ElmTree makes it easy to log your samples and track them throughout their life cycle.
  • Reporting Automation – Once lab results are signed/approved, final reports are automatically delivered to your Clients via a custom web portal. All of ElmTree’s pre-built reports are up to date with test method standards but can also be customized to meet your individual requirements.
  • Billing Automation – One of our most popular features also gets you paid in a timely manner. Invoices are easy to create and are automatically delivered to your Clients per your customized billing rates. ElmTree also seamlessly integrates with most accounting software packages which dramatically simplifies your bookkeeping (Quickbooks, Cyma, Great Plains, Mas90, Sage, Deltac Vision)


What ElmTree can do for the:


ElmTree helps the Owner/CEO by:
• ElmTree can help you save 10%-12% on non-billable expenses• Automate and standardize the entire business process• Speed up delivery of reports to happier clients• ElmTree is scalable, flexible, and compatible with your operation• Immediate access to all reports/invoices• Monitor productivity with the Sample Date Analysis report• Keep your reports consistent across all offices• Great technical support and proven track record of success
• Enjoy centralized access to all business data• Monitor satellite offices at any time with routine reports• Minimize overtime and reduce clerical costs• ElmTree complies with standards such as ASTM and AASHTO and has been reviewed by several accreditation agencies• Use OLE capability to generate report formats of your own design from Microsoft Word or Excel


ElmTree helps the CFO by:
• ElmTree has procedures to eliminate lost billing• Monitor pricing of all offices• Ability to use master service agreements• System notifications for any clients in a collection status• View reports that cover all aspects of billing• Set up schedule of fees by department, by client, by MSA, and by project
• Speed up payment by documenting client has received reports and invoices• Automate the entire billing process• Directly integrate with most accounting systems.• Ability for flexible invoice creation• Import billing information to your general ledger

Operations Manager

ElmTree helps the Operations Manager by:
• Track certification and training of personnel• Match personnel qualifications to project needs• Measure the number of tests per week by Project/Technician• Ability to spot check reports for Quality Assurance• OLE capability allows special report formats of your design
• Sort by project and/or employee to see where you are most profitable• View a sample’s status• View a histogram of time to process and report• Great Technical support

QA Manager

ElmTree helps with Quality Assurance by:
• Storage of related documents for each client/project• Retains sample test data for QA analysis• Equipment Inventory
• Certifications• Calibrations

Project Manager

ElmTree helps the Project Manager by:
• The Business Parties feature allows you to easily communicate with new/existing clients; a built in customer database• The Field Data Collection Tool allows your technicians to enter data in real time on the job site – reducing turnaround time• ElmTree enables you to easily access past projects and reports – to see the technician, the date/time, the data, etc• View reports for budget tracking and receive alerts when reaching a specified percentage of budget• Set up schedule of fees by department, by client, by MSA, and by project• Immediate access to all reports and billing
• Log in to ElmTree 24/7 anywhere• Automated conversion from proposal to project budget• Set up and monitor budget by product code• ElmTree guides you each step of the way – from Dispatch to Invoice• Export test results for Quality Assurance• Quick identification of failed tests for notification of clients• Project notes can attach any project documents, specifications, or special instructions for easy access• Apply OLE capability to import report formats of your own design from Microsoft Word or Excel


ElmTree helps the Technicians by:
• Dispatch Tool provides powerful scheduling, tracking, and support system for technicians• Dispatch schedules field test and notifies technician• Sample log in schedules lab test and notifies lab technician• View online schedule for each technician. This includes links to the field data input• No transcription errors
• Field Data Collection Tool allows direct data entry from the job site• Allows data review to get immediate feedback – while still on the job site• Provides specifications to field technician


ElmTree helps make your Clients happier by:
• ElmTree’s reporting website provides clients easy access to all project reports• Reports can be distributed via mail, email, and/or reporting website• Schedule the time of day clients are notified of reports available• Faster distribution of reports to all relevant project team
• Less errors on reports• Generate a summary of all reports to owner• Deliver reports to specific project team members by material type

We doubt you’ll find another system so comprehensive and so reasonable. Ask us for specific pricing based on your lab’s needs. ElmTree is designed to save your organization time and money.

Our Clients

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    • ElmTree’s LIMS platform (customized to our business), will allow us to more effectively manage our field, laboratory, and equipment calibration schedules, will help organize and streamline training, evaluation, and certification tracking for our personnel, and enhance our data reporting and turn-around-time capabilities. The ElmTree LIMS platform will also feed information directly into our custom biting application, which will assist us in realizing efficiencies through automated invoice drafting.

      Scott M. McCasland, Vice President-Quality, Atlantic Testing Laboratories

    • ElmTree has streamlined the report production process and allowed us to deliver reports to clients with minimal turn around time. The web-based reporting has been valuable and appreciated by our clients. Technician scheduling and management of laboratory samples has been more efficient and accessible to our project managers. It’s been great to work with people who understand the business and have been willing to customize reports to meet out needs. The ElmTree staff has been fantastic to work with!

      Steven M. Elliott, Professional Engineer, Materials Testing Consultants

    • ElmTree isn’t just about saving your business time and money. It’s about making your life easier and your clients happier. It’s about taking a finite number of hours in the workweek and ensuring they’re spent on projects, not paperwork.

      Cheryl Wilkerson, Program Director, ElmTree System

    • ElmTree has made our reporting and tracking of projects a simple process again. Our staff can log into the program from the office or home day or night and can dispatch technicians after hours. The programmers and staff have been a pleasure to work with and can make changes and customize our reports in a matter of minutes in most cases. Our firm looked at multiple programs and LIMS products and we chose ElmTree because it was written and implemented by programmers and staff in a Geotechnical Engineering Firm that knows our business inside and out.

      M. Brian Johnson, President/CEO, Soil Consultants, Inc.

    • ElmTree has made our construction materials testing group and our accounting group much more efficient. Our managers spend much less time checking test reports because of the confidence they have in the data assimilated by ElmTree. Additionally, because of the billing function provided by ElmTree, we were able to eliminate one person in our accounting group, which more than offset the expense of operating ElmTree. ElmTree has been a great addition to our business!

      Darrell Flatt, President, ETTL Engineers & Consultants Inc.

    • Since implementing ElmTree, we have been able to standardize our reporting process throughout the company at large. Due to dispatch being integrated into our system, communication has become streamlined and is now moving at a much higher speed. Daily, accounting is entered at the report level and invoices are distributed with minimal effort. The ElmTree staff are very committed and always available to assist us with any questions we have with the system and its features. Most of all, we now have the ability to assist all of our corporate locations remotely.

      Kevin D. Williams, Corporate ElmTree Representative, Fugro USA Land, Inc.

    • Our company has recognized a decrease in overall costs of between one and two percent since using the ElmTree System. The time to calculate and prepare reports for signature and issuing at the peak season has dropped from five work days to one work day. For client invoices, time required for preparing and inputting into the accounting system has decreased from one work week each month of clerical and management staff to one work day. Typographical errors on test reports and invoices have been almost eliminated.

      Tom Kelly, President, Standard Testing & Engineering Company

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    ElmTree is the complete business management system. If you want more information, we’re happy to answer all your questions and get you set up. Don’t wait – we can help you today!