ElmTree and Your Team's Workflow

Company Definition
ElmTree allows you to set up your entire organization customized the way you want to work.  For example after setting up your departments, employees & certifications, equipment & calibrations and schedule of fees, ElmTree will allow for the assignment of those setup items on your day-to-day processing.

Client/Project Definition
With ElmTree you are able to set pricing at different levels to allow for customization for specific clients and/or projects. You are also given the ability to determine who receives reports and invoices on a project basis. ElmTree will make it easy to track project budgets.

ElmTree will allow your dispatcher to quickly assign work while ensuring that your technicians are qualified. ElmTree also validates that you are not exceeding the scope of your contracts.

Field Data Collection
Your technicians can receive email notifications when work is assigned.  ElmTree also allows your technicians to input test data in real time on the jobsite – on any device.

Laboratory Management
ElmTree brings multiple lab management tools to your fingertips. Our system includes an automated break sheet, deficiency reporting, and lab testing worksheets. ElmTree makes it easy to log your samples and track them throughout their life cycle.

Reporting Finalization, Signing, & Distribution
All of ElmTree reports are up to date with test method standards. You are able to create multiple versions of each test report for complete document management. Once a report is signed it is automatically delivered to your customized reporting website and your clients are notified by email.

Invoicing/Accounting Software Interface
ElmTree can prepare an invoice with your customized billing rates at any time and allows you to easily export that invoice data to your accounting system.  Our system can integrate with most accounting systems.