We Can Help Your Team

What ElmTree can do for the:


ElmTree helps the Owner/CEO by:

ElmTree can help you save 10%-12% on non-billable expenses
• Automate and standardize the entire business process
• Speed up delivery of reports to happier clients

ElmTree is scalable, flexible, and compatible with your operation
• Immediate access to all reports/invoices

• Monitor productivity with the Sample Date Analysis report
• Keep your reports consistent across all offices
• Great technical support and proven track record of success

• Enjoy centralized access to all business data
• Monitor satellite offices at any time with routine reports
• Minimize overtime and reduce clerical costs

ElmTree complies with standards such as ASTM and AASHTO and has been reviewed by several accreditation agencies
• Use OLE capability to generate report formats of your own design from Microsoft Word or Excel



ElmTree helps the CFO by:

ElmTree has procedures to eliminate lost billing
• Monitor pricing of all offices
• Ability to use master service agreements

• System notifications for any clients in a collection status
• View reports that cover all aspects of billing
• Set up schedule of fees by department, by client, by MSA, and by project

• Speed up payment by documenting client has received reports and invoices
• Automate the entire billing process

• Directly integrate with most accounting systems.
• Ability for flexible invoice creation
• Import billing information to your general ledger


Operations Manager

ElmTree helps the Operations Manager by:

• Track certification and training of personnel
• Match personnel qualifications to project needs
• Measure the number of tests per week by Project/Technician

• Ability to spot check reports for Quality Assurance
• OLE capability allows special report formats of your design

• Sort by project and/or employee to see where you are most profitable
• View a sample’s status
• View a histogram of time to process and report

• Great Technical support


QA Manager

ElmTree helps with Quality Assurance by:

• Storage of related documents for each client/project
• Retains sample test data for QA analysis
• Equipment Inventory

• Certifications
• Calibrations


Project Manager

ElmTree helps the Project Manager by:

• The Business Parties feature allows you to easily communicate with new/existing clients; a built in customer database
• The Field Data Collection Tool allows your technicians to enter data in real time on the job site – reducing turnaround time

ElmTree enables you to easily access past projects and reports – to see the technician, the date/time, the data, etc

• View reports for budget tracking and receive alerts when reaching a specified percentage of budget
• Set up schedule of fees by department, by client, by MSA, and by project
• Immediate access to all reports and billing

• Log in to ElmTree 24/7 anywhere
• Automated conversion from proposal to project budget
• Set up and monitor budget by product code

ElmTree guides you each step of the way – from Dispatch to Invoice
• Export test results for Quality Assurance
• Quick identification of failed tests for notification of clients

• Project notes can attach any project documents, specifications, or special instructions for easy access
• Apply OLE capability to import report formats of your own design from Microsoft Word or Excel



ElmTree helps the Technicians by:

• Dispatch Tool provides powerful scheduling, tracking, and support system for technicians
• Dispatch schedules field test and notifies technician
• Sample log in schedules lab test and notifies lab technician

• View online schedule for each technician. This includes links to the field data input
• No transcription errors

• Field Data Collection Tool allows direct data entry from the job site
• Allows data review to get immediate feedback – while still on the job site
• Provides specifications to field technician



ElmTree helps make your Clients happier by:

ElmTree’s reporting website provides clients easy access to all project reports
• Reports can be distributed via mail, email, and/or reporting website

• Schedule the time of day clients are notified of reports available
• Faster distribution of reports to all relevant project team

• Less errors on reports
• Generate a summary of all reports to owner
• Deliver reports to specific project team members by material type